Encouraging recording

Welcome to the MBB Active Naturalists Shieldbug Recording Project.

Merseyside Biobank is publishing this online ‘Progressional Atlas of the Shieldbugs of North Merseyside ‘.

The purposes of this exercise are to:

    • encourage members of the public to go out, discover and record the occurrences of each typeimprove and upgrade our records of local shieldbugs
    • stimulate an interest in these relatively under-studied insects
    • assist people to identify the shieldbugs North Merseyside
    • provide a resource for those wishing to pursue an interest in these animals

This atlas will be updated on a regular basis as data is made available to us. To this end we would like to ask people to send us any records they possess particularly if they include a photograph.

Best wishes,
Ben Deed
Merseyside BioBank LERC Manager

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