Juniper Shieldbug – (Cyphostethus tristriatus)


Juniper Shieldbug (Cyphostethus tristriatus): Adult, north London, October 2008. ©Tristan-Bantock

Family: Acanthosomatidae

Adult Size:  Length: ca. 9.5 to10 mm.

Identifying features: The adult Juniper Shieldbug is a y fairly large yellowish-green insect with distinctive red -brown curved markings on the corium.

Habitat: Originally a species of southern Juniper woodlands, but with the availability of Juniper in garden centres this bug is now becoming a common garden species in the south of England.

Months seen: This species over-winters as an adult, emerging and mating in early spring.

Larvae: these feed on ripe, second year, Juniper berries and has recently begun to use Lawson’s cypress. They are more oval in shape than the adult. The head is green with black speckling and marked with two vertical black lines. The pronotum is also green with black speckling. The abdomen is bright green with a large yellow, black and tan marking in the centre and small black marks around the connexivum.

New adults may be found from late August onwards.

Distribution: This species is now common across southern and central England and is probably expanding further north.

Please note numbers indicate records not individuals.


Similar species

The Hawthorn Shieldbug (Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale) is much larger with red points to the projections on the pronotum and the tip of the abdomen.

The Birch Shieldbug (Elasmostethus interstinctus) is usually larger, with darker wing markings and lacks the distinctive red -brown curved markings on the corium.

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