Bishop’s Mitre Shieldbug – (Aelia acuminata)



Aelia acuminata
© Tristan Bantock

Family: Pentatomidae

Adult Size:  Length: ca. 8.0 to 9.0 mm.

 Identifying features: A large and distinctive striped shieldbug with an obviously pointed head and ridged pronotum.  It is straw coloured with brown stripes along in length.

Habitat: Tall and rank grassland, on road verges, field boundaries, woodland edge and along the coast. It hibernates amongst dead leaves, grass tufts and other dry places.

Aelia acuminata Nymph
©Tristan Bantock

Months seen: There is one generation per year, adults mating and laying eggs in springand early summer.

Adults can be found throughout the year with new adults appearing from August onwards.

Larvae can be found from June until August, feeding on the ripening seeds of a wide range of grasses.

Distribution: Widespread and abundant in southern and central England and Wales, in tall and rank dry grassland habitats, including sand dunes, becoming scarcer further north. It is an occasional pest of wheat in other parts of Europe.


North Merseyside Distribution Map

The numbers in the boxes refer to the number of records not individuals

Similar species:

The adult is distinctive. The larvae of this species could be confused with the adults of the smaller Neottiglossa pusilla although head of Neottiglossa pusilla is short and triangular.

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