Feb Atlas Update

As of 1st March the Progression Atlas has now been updated to include the latest identified samples + an update of the Collembola Recording Scheme VC59 data from Peter Shaw received 1st March.

As can be seen from the Atlas there is still some way to go! The fast approaching aim is to have all 5km squares in VC59 ‘sampled’ by the end of 2020. A sample should ideally be a search for collembola in an appropriate habitat but i would at least feel better if we had 1, evidenced, record of a springtail for every 5km square!

North Merseyside is pretty much done and many of the gaps will be filled by the large number of samples still awaiting review. However, the Preston and West Pennine Moor areas are to my knowledge uninvited as is much of ‘West Lancashire’. Help greatly appreciated!

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