Back from a brief hiatus!

Life has taken over a little over the past month or so. As a result progress has been a little stunted! That said at last nights Twilight Session (evening open sessions at Merseyside BioBank, un-ashamed self-promotion there). Myself, Steve McWilliam and Susan Marley tackled a series of Collembolids on the big screen.

Among the samples was our first record of Neanura muscorum. Surprising only in that it has taken so long to find one! We are currently putting this down to the sampling technique and perhaps time.. With the samples heavily skewed to the sieving of leaf-litter through Autumn and Winter. It will be interesting to see what begins to come out through Spring and Summer.

Of more interest was what appeared to me to be Folsomia penicula while the account states “moderately common and widespread”, and the description and features appeared consistent. Anything in Hopkins in small italics worries me. Requires confirmation!

Ultimately, a quick check of where we’re up to produced some surprising numbers. We have generated 250 specimen backed records which consist of the identification of over 2,000 individual animals!

Not bad for a hiatus!

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