A lightning start!

Distribution of Recording Scheme and Project records on the 15th Feb. 2018
While this project has not yet been formally launched a number of keen local naturalists are already beginning to send in samples of springtails collected from leaf-litter around the project area.

This image shows the current distribution of all springtail records for the vice-county. Both the national recording scheme and project generated records. As you can see we are already well on our way!

Check out the ‘Progression Atlas‘ to see the current live distribution, change the data resolution and map recording scheme and project data separate.

A big thank you to Steve and Sue for getting this off the ground. Keep them coming!


  1. Is this project still active? You have no idea how pleased I was that Dicyrtomina ornata has been found round here – bit south of here in the Ribble Valley Lancashire. This creature features as part of the plot of my book….I kid you not! You may like to have a look at my website to see what else I am up to with soil mesofauna. I was wondering if there was anybody I could talk with.

    1. Hi Charlie, good to hear from you! The project is still active but we’ve taken a little hiatus this year because of the LCR ‘Year of the Environment’ which has pretty much claimed all available time, and then some. That said, only yesterday i received some samples from Knowsley Safari Park and we’ve several hundred still un-checked. I’ll drop you an email rather than messaging on here.

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