Red Moss Springtails

Red Moss is a fantastic mossland nature reserve designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest by Natural England.

During 2019 the site was visited by local naturalist Dr Rich Burkmar who was carrying out some sampling on the site. Rich is a spider-man but obtained a range of species ‘by-catch’ during the sampling.

A couple of pub-chats later and Rich has shared the Springtails collected. I have this week process just 2 of the 9 sample tubes from this site but they are already proving to be very interesting! The first sample contained what appears to be the first Vice-county record for Isotomurus plumosus. Only described in 1940 the patterning is strikingly distinctive.

The species is suggested to be widespread in wetland habitats so its discovery here is not surprising but underlines the significant lack of data for the vice-county on this group!

Isotomurus plumosus collected from Red Moss SSSI

So far 10 species have been identified from the 2 samples…

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