Provisional Checklist

One of the outcomes of this project is to produce the beginnings of a South Lancashire Checklist for Collembola using combined Collembola Recording Scheme and Project records;

This check list is NOT definitive! Data on this group is still incredibly sparse and the samples used in this project are very heavily weighted towards the sampling of leaf-litter.

As we begin to draw more information together my hope is that we can add additional detail to the species names presented here*. Until then there are excellent accounts already available from the CRS/Roehampton:

Species Name
Agrenia bidenticulata
Allacma fusca
Anurida granaria
Anurida maritima
Arrhopalites caecus
Bourletiella arvensis
Ceratophysella armata
Ceratophysella bengtssoni
Ceratophysella denticulata
Ceratophysella gibbosa
Ceratophysella longispina
Desoria olivacea
Desoria tigrina
Deuteraphorura cebennaria
Deuterosminthurus pallipes
Dicyrtoma fusca
Dicyrtomina minuta
Dicyrtomina ornata
Dicyrtomina saundersi
Entomobrya albocincta
Entomobrya intermedia
Entomobrya multifasciata
Entomobrya muscorum
Entomobrya nicoleti
Entomobrya nivalis
Folsomia fimetaria
Folsomia penicula
Folsomia quadrioculata
Heterosminthurus insignis
Hypogastrura manubrialis
Hypogastrura purpurescens
Hypogastrura viatica
Isotoma anglicana
Isotoma viridis
Isotomurus maculatus
Isotomurus palustris
Isotomurus plumosus
Isotomurus unifasciatus
Katiannidae genus nov.1 sp. nov.2
Lepidocyrtus cyaneus
Lepidocyrtus lanuginosus
Lepidocyrtus lignorum
Lepidocyrtus ruber
Megalothorax minimus
Mesaphorura atlantica
Mesaphorura krausbaueri
Mesaphorura macrochaeta
Mucrosoma garretti
Neanura muscorum
Onychiurus ambulans
Orchesella cincta
Orchesella villosa
Parisotoma notabilis
Pogonognathellus longicornis
Proctostephanus madeirensis
Proisotoma minuta
Protaphorura armata
Protaphorura aurantiaca
Pseudisotoma sensibilis
Pseudosinella alba
Pseudosinella fallax
Pseudosinella sexoculata
Sminthurinus niger
Sminthurinus trinotatus
Sminthurus nigromaculata
Sminthurus viridis
Tomocerus minor
Tomocerus vulgaris
Vertagopus arboreus
Willowsia buskii
Xenylla humicola

*species names drawn from CRS and Project database, may contain pseudonyms. Alignment with modern taxonomy will improve over time.

Last Update: 02/03/2020

Previous Update: N/A