The broad aim of the project is to increase our knowledge of the distribution of Springtail species in the vice-county of South Lancashire (VC59). To that effect we are interested in specimens of Collembola, no matter how they might have been collected! To get an idea of what we know, and what we don’t! Check out the Progression Atlas.

For those of you that want to add that little extra to your time spent collecting we would like to know a few extra bits of detail;

  • How did you collect the Springtail’s (e.g. sieving leaf/soil litter; shaking out root matts; vacuum collection; extraction from soil core)
  • What was the broad habitat where you collected from (e.g. broad-leaf woodland; Grassland; Pond; Mossland; Sand-dunes)
  • Any other micro-habitat or species association (e.g. leaf-litter; Clay; Sand; Soil; Rock; Moss (specify sp.); Plant (specify sp.))
    • We are using Natural England’s SHADES protocol for classifying micro-habitats to try and do this as consistently as possible. For help you can contact us or drop by the projects facebook group.

This additional detail will help us begin to explore more about the ecology of these species. What they need and why they occur where they do.

For some tips on how to go about collecting Springtails, check out the Tomorrows’s Biodiversity video guide. It was filmed in support of the Shropshire project but same rules apply!