The VC59 Collembola Recording Project has been established as part of an attempt to generate interest in the fantastically diverse and essential group of mysterious animals.

Over the last few years interest in this group of animals and indeed Soil Mesofauna in general has rocketed. This has been thanks in a large part to the Tomorrow’s Biodiversity project and training and support from the Collembola Recording Scheme and Natural England.

The result of this generation of new interest has been the establishment of the first local ‘Atlas project’ in Shropshire. Immediately generating local interest the project has gathered information on Springtail species for a large areas for which there was no historic information.

VC59: South Lancashire, will be the second of it’s kind and we will strive to generate similar (or greater!) levels of interest throughout our region. South Lancashire is pretty much a blank canvas when it comes to Springtail’s so we will see immediate benefits from even small contributions…

Starting point of known Springtail distribution.
Starting point of known Springtail distribution.


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  1. sounds really good Thom, looking forward to this..

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