Mud Snail training with PondNet

Mud Pond Snail are a fascinating pond snail with a beautiful scientific name Omphiscola glabra; a name more elegant than the species first appears!
This little snail is restricted to good quality ponds, sites that are free from pollution, in areas of natural habitat like woodland, heathlands and old meadows.

However, little is know about the status of the population in England and Wales.

Mud snail is easy to identify and anyone can take part in the survey, no previous experience is required.

PondNet: Protecting ponds with the Freshwater Habitats Trust

Freshwater Habitats Trust

This year the Freshwater Habitats Trust (previously Pond Conservation) are rolling out their new national pond monitoring programme to North Merseyside. Merseyside BioBank has been asked to help deliver the project on the ground by putting out a call to local naturalists and volunteers, that means you!

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