Fungi: Post Christmas Finds

Mycena inclinata

Extremely wet weather and frosty mornings prevented me from doing much foraying since Christmas. I have managed to get out for a bit of exercise round local parks in south Liverpool but even that was difficult as everywhere is so wet and muddy. All the expected species were present such as Flammulina velutipes (Velvet Shank), and Clitocybe nebularis (Clouded Agaric) which I described for you to look out for in last month’s article. Species of more interest were mostly tiny, hidden on small twigs and under leaves in sheltered spots.

Fungi Fun: October

 Stereopsis reidii by Tony Carter

The fungi season has begun in earnest. Forays with North West Fungus Group and Liverpool Botanical Society have been held. Ainsdale Sand Dunes NNR produced over sixty specimens, seven not having previously been recorded there by the Group! Stereopsis reidii was also discovered last month in Ainsdale, its only known location in the UK!

Check out this article to see what species you could find in North Merseyside.

Summer Fungi

Hericium ericaeum (Lion’s Mane)

Recent weather has not been very good for finding fungi, however recent days have seen a marked improvement and things are starting to move. Tony discovered a local rarity, Hericium ericaeum (Lion’s Mane), in a wood in south Liverpool. This species is usually found in the south and south west of England, with very few records in our region. A great fungi find!


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