Natural World: Muddy Marine Life

An introduction to the inhabitants of our muddy shores. Join World Museum’s marine specialists to find out more about this captivating habitat.

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The Natural World British Wildlife Identification workshops at World Museum focus on using natural science collections to connect with the environment and promote biological recording.

MCS: Big Beach Clean

Dear Sir or Madame 

My name is Andy Laverick; I am a local Marine Conservation Society Sea Champion

There is a big beach clean event at on Monday 12th of June 2017 from 10.00 am. It will be at Freshfield beach again (on the national trust property). Please find attached the poster which advertises the event. 

The previous local event in April 2017, 130 kg of waste was collected by 38 volunteers in 90 minutes. This total included 938 separate items of plastic and unfortunately, a sizeable number of wet wipes and cotton bud sticks were also found.

April Big Beach Clean

There will be a Big Beach Clean event on Monday 3rd of April 2017 from 10.30 am. It will be at Freshfield beach again (on the National Trust property).

The previous event in January 2017, 126 kg of waste was collected by 8 volunteers in 90 minutes. This total included 461 separate items of plastic.

Albert Dock BioBlitz

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Join us for our BioBlitz at the world famous Albert Dock in Liverpool and spend the afternoon recording everything from huge eels to tiny bryozoans.

We will record as many species as possible within four hours. This will enable us to add valuable records and create a species list for the dock which will give us a base for future surveys.

Sally Tapp: Secret life of Albert Dock

Greater Pipefish, full - Syngnathus acus (Sally Tapp)

As part of the Heritage on the Dock Festival 2016 we ran a Wildlife Discovery and Talk at Albert Dock in Liverpool, Merseyside. At the height of its power, Albert Dock was home to many international innovations, however, these were short-lived and it thrived for a mere half a century before its days were numbered.  The story of its regeneration and the subsequent colonisation by marine wildlife is both fascinating and a great illustration of the power of nature.

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