Rimrose Valley


Rimrose Valley is a former tip and landfill site which was reclaimed in 1993 with a view to improving the area as an educational and recreational resource for the local community. It is designated for four specific areas - Rimrose Valley itself, Edge Farm Rookery and the Leeds Liverpool canal running along its eastern boundary along with a Local Nature reserve at Brook Vale.

There are over 20 different habitats recorded within Rimrose Valley, of these nine are considered as priority BAP (Biodiversity Action Plan) or regionally important which makes it an amazing place for wildlife.

UK priority BAP habitats

Unimproved acid grassland, unimproved neutral grassland, single species dominant swamp and swamp tall fen vegetation.   

Regionally important habitats

Unimproved acid grassland, unimproved neutral grassland, marshy grassland, swamp tall fen vegetation, standing water.

Some notable species

This mosaic of grassland and fens provides vital habitat for regionally scarce species such as Water Rail and Water Vole and there are 11 bird species recorded that are considered by the RSPB as being of conservation concern, including Woodcock, Song Thrush, Sky Lark and Grasshopper Warbler.

Plant life is also prominent in the citation lists with over 340 species recorded - including the nationally scarce Early Marsh orchid. There are also 13 regionally important species including Red Goosefoot and Northern Marsh orchid.


Friends of Rimrose Valley has been set up to help promote and improve Rimrose Valley:


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