Wildlife Recording


Merseyside BioBank is, first and foremost, a Local Environmental Records Centre. We are a hub connecting data users and data providers. We provide support to local recorders, naturalists and natural history groups and ensure that the information those invividuals and organisations collect is used to have the greatest impact possible for wildlife in Sefton, Liverpool, St Helens and Knowsley.

We encourage people to work with, join and learn from local natural history groups, expert naturalists and the national recording schemes and societies. Many of them share wildlife information with us so that they can be used by us to protect wildlife, habitats and sites in North Merseyside. Our contacts, local focus and links with the planning authority mean that we can use information to highlight potential risks to wildlife at the earliest opportunity.

While we would prefer wildlife enthusiasts to work with local and national recording organisations some individuals prefer to send in wildlife sightings directly. We have a number of options and tools to help you learn how to create first-rate biological records, get the most out of your effort and send in that information in a form that is most useful.

Send us your records in a spreadsheet

This is probably the most commonly used and effective way to send us your records if you are comfortable with computers. 

If you have a lot of records in a spreadsheet with a layout other than our own template, we can probably quite easily import these too - just contact us to discuss the best way forward for you.

Send us details of a sighting online

If you have records of Brown hare sightings in Merseyside (or anywhere in Lancashire and Greater Manchester) you can submit them really easily from this project web page.

The Wild Goose Chase is a project aimed at filling in and bringing up to date our knowledge on how Pink-footed Goose, Whooper Swan and Bewick’s Swan are using the landscape in Merseyside and Lancashire. The recording website has been designed to help you enter information on flight direction and what type of fields are they using, we would also appreciate any additional information or local knowledge which can be added using the overall comment field.

General records can be sent to us using our Indicia based online recording system. This can include single sightings or site lists. By registering with us and then using the forms you will also be able to keep your own record of what you've seen and see what is being contributed by others.

Records submitted via these websites contribute directly to independent projects running in the North West and all records entered are also sent to all the relevant Local Environmental Record Centres. These websites include a tool that will help you enter the relevant grid reference simply by clicking on a map at any given location.

If you are still unsure or would like to check alternate formats with us then please contact us to discuss other options.