Sefton Coast: Aegialia arenaria

Aegialia arenaria (Dr Phil Smith)


I saw several of these tiny (4mm) dung beetles recently at the Green Beach and Devil’s Hole. I thought they were an Aphodius sp. but Gary Hedges sent them to the national dung beetle expert and, despite my dreadful photographs, they came back as Aegialia arenaria. This is fairly common and widespread but largely coastal on sand.  I hadn't noticed them before.

The records as follows:

Aegialia arenaria 15th April 2018, Birkdale Green Beach, Merseyside. SD300135. Several individuals on bare sand. P.H. Smith (det. Darren Mann).

Aegialia arenaria 16th April 2018, Devil’s Hole blowout, Ravenmeols Sandhills, Merseyside. SD280055. One on bare sand. P.H. Smith (det. Darren Mann).

Dr Phil Smith