Anthony Carter: Fungi Corner

Anthracobia (Anthony Carter)


On Sunday 19th August 2018 the North West Fungus Group held foray at Clock Face Country Park, St. Helens, despite the unpromising ground conditions and the threat of Storm Debby. Fortunately, Debby failed to turn up.

An interesting site, a defunct colliery, reclaimed in the late 1990s and developed as a woodland and public space. Unusually for such a ‘new’ site it produces a good variety of fungi. The morning was disappointing, a hilly section which was very dry and produced little apart from Russula velenovsyi (Coral Brittlegill). 

Russula velenovsyi (Coral Brittlegill) - Anthony Carter


Later, damp mixed woodland of birch, larch and pine produced a good number of species. There was also a very large fire site which had the remains of lots of burnt trees and branches. Many small species thrive on burnt wood. Finds included Anthracobia maurilabra and melaloma growing together and some Trichophaea abundans. 

Anthracobia maurilabra and melaloma - Anthony Carter


Trichophaea abundans - Anthony Carter


Other finds for the day included Chroogomphus rutilus  (Copper Spike), Russula aeruginea (Green Brittlegill) and Auriscalpum vulgare (Earpick Fungus)


Chroogomphus rutilus  (Copper Spike) - Anthony Carter


 Russula aeruginea (Green Brittlegill) - Anthony Carter


Auriscalpum vulgare (Earpick Fungus) - Anthony Carter


Over fifty species. Which is pretty good for the time of year, especially this one.

A beech tree in Allerton Road, Liverpool has sprouted a beautiful Ganoderma resinaceum at the base. This Genus of fungus is common on old trees. This particular species is very uncommon. It develops a wax-like coating that can be lit with a match.


Ganoderma resinaceum - Anthony Carter