Bats at Court Hey Park

Every year we undertake a public bat walk at Court Hey Park. Promoted by the Knowsley Ranger Service (Karen Brady) and kindly hosted by the National Wildflower Centre. I wear both my Merseyside BioBank and Merseyside & West Lancashire Bat Group hats! The night kicked off with the traditional quiz.

This years having some mean twists just to keep people on their toes.

Do you know which direction a bat always goes when it leaves roost?

I should probably make it a little easier for next year... None the less it gets people thinking and talking about bats, while giving us a little more time for the sun to set! Once its all done and the marks are in (high score of 2 out of 11!) we head on out into the park to spot some of the flying marvels.

This year was a little quieter than previous, counting in at around 35 people. However, with one person talking and only 4 detectors to go around this was just about right! The night was spot on. Warm with low breeze and decent cloud cover yet still light enough to spot the fluttering silhouettes against the dusky sky. And fluttering on mass they were, right on leaving the National Wildflower Centre there was a peak of activity, Bandit Pipistrelle filling the spaces between the mature parks mature Oaks rapidly munching through insects. Kids with the group were especially entertained by the farting noises the bats kept making! (feeding buzzes to the initiate).

Tearing ourselves away we headed down towards the tarmac and play area. Again well sheltered by mature trees mixed with open tarmac, gently warming the night sky, and well vegetated under-story of both Rhododendron and tall wildflower remains. The sky was packed. More Bandits filled the air and put on a fantastic show darting through the space between the trees. Here we had the chance to wait and play a bit with the sounds on the heterodyne. All in all a good night batting!