North Merseyside Local Wildlife Sites

In North Merseyside, Local Wildlife Sites (LWS), are places that are of particular importance to local wildlife. LWS are not legally protected like Sites of Special Scientific Interest or other 'statutory' sites but once identified they are afforded greater recognition in local conservation and decision making. This in turn amounts to some protection for the wildlife living there.

Every LWS has an official boundary and 'citation'. The citation lists the features for which the site has been designated. These features often include species or habitats of importance to conservation but may also include notes on the general wealth of biodiversity and the naturalness of a site (amount of native species compared to non-native).

Full selection guidelines are available from the Merseyside Biodiversity Group website.

LWS searches and citations are available from Merseyside BioBank free of charge.

See the interactive map below for LWS boundaries or click here for a full screen view