Data Holdings

The list below are meant to give an idea of what data is held in the MBB database and are in no way exhaustive, if you would like to enquire about additional datasets we may hold or are looking for the information gathered by a particular group then please contact us.

Merseyside BioBank currently hold information from the following groups and organisations in our Electronic Database;

  • Lancashire and Cheshire Entomological Society
  • Lancashire Wildlife Trust
  • Merseyside Environmental Advisory Group
  • Merseyside and West Lancs Bat Group
  • Merseyside and West Lancs Mammal Group
  • North Merseyside Amphibian and Reptile Group
  • Numerous Local Wildlife Groups and Specialists
  • The County Bird Recorder
  • The World Museum Liverpool

We also have available the following Resources:

  • Local Site Citations for North Merseyside (inlcuding local geological sites)
  • Aerial Photographs from 1945 to the present day
  • A catalogue of data resources held by other organisations in Merseyside
  • A variety of field resources including identification guides
  • A variety of published papers relating to Merseyside
  • A variety of "grey" literature and reports relating to Merseyside