Beginner and occasional recorders

Whether you are an occasional recorder or a beginner just getting involved in biological recording it's usually a good idea to get to know other local recorders and naturalists, the often have a large amount of experience that they are willing to share with individuals who have a genuine interest.

If you are not quite sure what you are intersted in or where to start then you might want to consider contacting the 'Merseyside BioBank Active Naturalists'. Members of this group range in experience from absolute beginners to well established naturalists and career ecologists. The primary aims of the group are to share knowledge and encourage and support each other while enhancing our knowledge and so protecting local biodiversity.

It is often difficult to know what to 'record'. This is typically of someone that wants to help but doesn't know what they are interested in or have the skills to identify most wildlife. In such situations it is often useful to start small.

Many common and easilly recognisable species are undergoing serious declines in our area and we are in need of up to date information on their status and distribution. Such species are known as local 'biological action plan' species, LBAP, or NMBAP (for North Merseyside Biological Action Plan). To find out more about these species and how to help. Visit our NMBAP pages.

As a beginner recorder, you may also wish to send in records of a variety of species that you feel confident in identifying. For this you can use our online record submission. Other methods include species specific forms, RODIS and spreadsheets that can also be found on this page.

To get you started, MBB have produced a series of ID sheets and related recording sheets. These are: 

Other useful recording sheets can be found under Recording Forms.

A good way to increase your confidence in wildlife identification is to get some training or join a wildlife recording group. Here you'll meet lots of like minded people who'll share their knowledge and experience with you.