Key Stage 3 and 4

Knowsley Hey students


The changing curriculum at Key Stages 3 and 4 presents many opportunities for the inclusion of Wildlife Recording in a variety of subjects and promotes the use of 'outdoor learning'.

Recording wildlife habitats and species within the school grounds and local areas, provides interesting 'real-life' experience.  It also creates the opportunity to collect 'real' data which can then be used to carry out longer-term recording. There are excellent links to many curriculum subject areas, creating opportunities for a more thematic approach.

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National Curriculum links

There are many opportunities to link biological recording to a wide range of curriculum areas.

Recording wildlife and habitats can also provide an ideal project for Science Clubs and After School groups.

QCA schemes of work 

National Curriculum KS 3 & 4


Making Education 'Real' 

Send your records into your Local Records Centre

Merseyside BioBank

Court Hey Park


L16  3NA

By sending your records into Merseyside BioBank, you and your students are contributing to the information that we hold on plants, animals and habitats in our local area.

These records are used to help conserve local species and habitats.