Merseyside BioBank is a one-stop shop for environmental and biological information, resources and expertise for North Merseyside. 

These services are usually free to not-for-profit organisations, the public and local naturalists. There is a charge for consultancies, other commercial bodies and funded work. Please see our charging policy for details.

If you require one or more of our services or are unsure about whether we can help you, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We are constantly expanding on our services in response to the needs of our customers and welcome any feedback that you are able to provide.

 Data Requests

If you would like to know about the distribution of a species or be provided with a list of species/habitats for a particular site, let us know and we will search through our database for the relevant records and provided them to you in a variety of forms. Please see the section on Accessing Information for further details.

 Access to Biological and Environmental Information

We hold a number of datasets at Merseyside BioBank from electronic datasets through journals to Aerial Photographs. In addition, we are building a catalogue of resources available from other sources.  Please see section on "Data Holdings" for details.

 IT Training and support

We understand that many biological recorders do not have the time and expertise to make the most of Information Technology to collate, manage, analyse and report their data. We attempt therefore to provide all of the IT support that an individual biological recorder, student or biological recording group might need. We provide:

 Training on use of GIS software, Recorder 6 and other packages as required

  • Free use of Merseyside BioBank computers at our offices complete with all relevant software
  • Support and advice whilst using Merseyside BioBank computers
  • Useful resources such as electronic OS Maps
  • Website and E-forum hosting for your group
  • Data transformation (from paper copy to electronic or from one electronic format to another)
  • IT Advice and solution development
  • Standard tools such as MapInfo boundaries, standard recording cards/spreadsheets, rucksacks for use in Recorder 6 etc.

If you do not see the particular solution or tool you require available on our website, please get in touch. We are always looking to develop our resource package in response to feedback.