Products and Services

Merseyside Biobank offers a number of services and products to commercial consultants, developers, researchers and the public. A charge is made for these products and services to help cover the ongoing running and development of the regions biodiversity evidence base and support we provide to the local biological recording community.

We offer a number of products for commercial users. These products have been designed in partnership with data providers, the planning authorities and with input from users to ensure that you receive all the information we hold that is pertinent to your work and so you have access to the same information against which your work (e.g. planning application) will be reviewed.

Note that all products are provided with a 'MBB ref' which we encourage be used to cite your access request. Reports we provide are designed with the view that they should be submitted with any application, so encouraging transparency throughout the review process.

The full charging process and available products can be found in the Merseyside EAS charging policy and fees

Please select a product then contact us with your site information and product of choice for a formal quote.

Results are typically provided within five working days from receipt of the information requested in the formal quote (purchase order number and invoice address). Note that we will not proceed until after providing the formal quote to you then having received a written (email) response stating that the quote and terms have been accepted.

Large and non-standard requests are dealt with on a case by case basis. If you feel that none of the existing products meet the needs of your project please contact us to discuss.

*This page is intended as a guide. Fees may be subject to change. A formal quote will always be provided and agreed before any work is carried out.