Policies and Procedures

At Merseyside BioBank we understand that the data under our custodianship is important to the people that provide and use it. We have therefore developed a number of policies and procedures which detail our responsibilities to data users and providers and also what we ask in return.

Our policies are currently under review, if you have any questions please contact us.

Please be aware that these policies are subject to change.


Privacy policy
As part of the work of Merseyside BioBank, we may collect names, addresses and contact details from people and organisations. This policy details how these data are kept, managed and passed on to others.

General Principles of data management and sharing
This document gives a broad overview of Merseyside BioBank's data management and sharing policies. Detailed information can be found in relevant documents or through discussion with Merseyside BioBank.

Data submission standards
Merseyside BioBank receives data in many formats, from handwritten notes through to managed databases. However, in order to make better use of this information, we encourage submission in a standard form, as outlined in this document.

Charging Policy
This document details Merseyside BioBank's charging policies towards both commercial and non-commercial organisations.

Data Collection and Collation Policies
Includes guidance to contributors on field data collection methods.

Data management within Merseyside BioBank
This document details the process through which Merseyside BioBank validates, verifies and manages data received.

Terms and Conditions
This document details Merseyside BioBank's terms and conditions on the use of data supplied by us.