What records does BioBank want?


In short? Everything!

I know! Give me a second. The is perhaps one of the trickiest questions out there, it might sound easy for me to say everything but there is a reasoning behind it. Biological/Wildlife Recording has been ongoing for a very long time. Those early naturalists probably weren't thinking 'i better make a record of this because that species is in decline'. More likely they were thinking something along the lines of 'wait till the chaps down the club see this beauty!'. Yet these early collectors form the basis of evidence for wildlife and changes in species abundance and distribution.

So, at least at Merseyside BioBank, what records do we want? Everything! Because we don't know how important these records will be in the future, we don't know what they will be used for. Trying to guess at that and force recording down a particular group may well turn us away from a species or species group that, in the future, we wish we'd had a better understanding of. You will already be aware of the drop in our 'common' urban Birds, decimated before anyone knew what was going on because they weren't monitored. More recently our Hedgehog and Frog are disappearing, i can almost guarantee without looking that the recent, known distribution in North Merseyside is poor..

But... (with some exceptions) you can't record everything. So record what your interested in, what get's you out of the door and stops you in your tracks. Go out and learn about nature, use wildlife recording as a tool to help you do that and get the most from your effort.

Perhaps, you want an immediate impact, to contribute to something known. In which case check out what are considered conservation priority species or local (North Merseyside Biological Action Plan) species. Things like Bats, Urban Birds, Farmland Birds, Wintering and Wetland birds, Dragonflies, Butterlies (particularly Hairstreaks), Amphibians or Reptiles.

Or, if you fancied something a bit different then help us fill in the gaps. The obscure and wonderful things we know little about, things like; Fungi, Slimes, Flies and Springtails!

In the end it really is up to you, sorry!