What does Merseyside BioBank do?

I have never head of Merseyside BioBank before and i wanted to learn more about what it is you do!

I'll try to keep it brief! Merseyside BioBank is the Local Environmental Records Centre (a.k.a LERC) for Sefton, Liverpool, Knowsley and St Helens.

In short we provide a public service working with partners to support local natural history groups, community groups and individual biological recorders to help them collect information on local wildlife then curate and share that information so that it can be used to its fullest to benefit local wildlife now and into the future. In addition we train office based volunteers to mobilise biodiversity information, such as information from public planning documents, historical papers and research. We also recieve information from a variety of national sources as a local node for the National Biodiversity Network.

All of this information is then used by the likes of;

  • Conservation NGO's (e.g. when managing or monitoring a nature reserve) 
  • Local Planning departments (e.g. to assess and for risks to local biodiversity and forward plan for future strategic development locally and as a City Region)
  • Local Community Groups (e.g. As part of the local authority 'Duty to make available environmental information on request', transparency around decision taking and local public interest in wildlife)
  • Universities and Research institutions (e.g. in support of research that requies large quantities of biodiversity information/historic information. We can now track citations!)
  • Statuatory organisations (e.g. when providing permits to Industry, carrying out regional and national infrastructure projects and when deciding what species need conservation effort).

You can find out more about LERC's via the Association of Local Environmental Records Centres