What area does Merseyside BioBank cover?

What area does Merseyside BioBank cover and why is this different from Merseyside EAS and other LERCs?

Like many Local Environmental Records Centre around the country, Merseyside BioBank evolved to fit a need and a partnership. In the case of MBB we became established as part of a Heritage Lottery and European Regional Development Fund project focused on the area of 'North Merseyside', covering Sefton, Liverpool, Knowsley and St Helens.

This developed from and alongside the North Merseyside Biological Action Plan and North Merseyside Local Sites Partnership which is tasked with recognising and conserving species and habitat of local significance. The Local Nature Partnership, Nature Connected, born out of DEFRA's 2011 paper 'The natural choice: securing the value of nature' now covers the whole of the Liverpool City Region though Merseyside BioBank retains it's original coverage.