Something unusual to look out for!

Schizophyllum amplum, Speke Hall (Tony Carter)
Schizophyllum amplum


Some unusual fungi to look out for following a wet and windy day!

Poplar Bells (Schizophyllum amplum)

This uncommon but fairly distinctive saprobic fungus is a typical decomposer of Poplar species and has been associated with Black Poplar (Populus nigra) as well as Willow (Salix fragilis).

Tony Carter, our go-to mycologist, reports the species occurs regularly at three sites in Liverpool, Speke, Otterspool and Childwall with investigations by the North West Fungus Group having also now discovered a number of new sites on the Sefton Coast.Tony notes that Kew Herbarium has advised the species likely favours concentrations of Black Poplar and the coastal climate of the North West. I think it is reasonable to assume that there are many more sites yet to discover!

Tony also notes that the majority of his Liverpool finds have been on fallen twigs of Populus nigra following gales and during January and February. Willow twigs remain an outside possibility.

The fungus is quite small and dehydrates quickly so the recent humidity and high winds could be our best chance of finding some. Take a photo, collect a specimen and let us know if you find any!