NBN Awards 2021


The winners and runners up of the NBN Awards for Wildlife Recording 2021 were announced at an online ceremony on Wednesday 24 November 2021.

These national Awards recognise and celebrate the outstanding contributions adults and young people are making to wildlife recording and data sharing, which is helping to improve our understanding of the UK’s biodiversity.


Amanda Cogan Barber awarded runner-up of the 2021 NBN Award for Wildlife Recording – Terrestrial



Amanda uses iNaturalist daily and records everything – animals, birds, plants, insects and marine life amounting to hundreds of records per month.

She has made over 19,000 observations on iNaturalist in the last three years alone with thousands still being uploaded.  Her records have also reached the NBN Atlas via the Merseyside Biobank.

Amanda has an unbelievably infectious enthusiasm for nature and recording it for the good of the world and uses every opportunity to encourage others to join in – while out on walks, by making videos and through writing articles.

Amanda Cogan Barber, runner-up of the 2021 NBN Award for Wildlife Recording – Terrestrial, says:

“I feel nature both excites me and calms me at the same time! As a generalist naturalist, recording anything and everything and not specialising in any particular species – as I love it all and can’t decide what to specialise in – I quite often don’t know what I am recording and never know what I’ll discover.  And I find that really exciting!  It fills my life with many adventures and I feel like an explorer and treasure hunter! It keeps me eternally young at heart!

Our beautiful planet earth provides us with so many amazing natural treasures and its wonders never cease to astound me and take my breath away! It distracts me from worries and warms and comforts my heart, mind and soul!

I record nature mostly in the form of photography so that I capture those moments and encounters as a visual memory, and feel proud that I’m giving back to nature at least a little of what it offers me by sharing my findings, making a positive difference and contribution to the understanding, research and conservation of our wonderful and diverse species.”



 Croxteth Park Volunteer Group awarded runner-up of the NBN Group Award 



Croxteth Park Volunteer Group (CPVG) is fully engaged in recording and offering a variety of activities such as Wildlife Recording Walks, Moth Trapping nights and Bat Walks.

They have partnered for the last three years with Merseyside BioBank and participated in the City Nature Challenge, winning an Echo Environment award in September 2020.

CPVG has recently volunteered to undertake a Water Vole survey in partnership with the People’s Trust for Endangered Species, and have been surveying ponds for newts and frogs in partnership with Merseyside Environmental Advisory Service.

Additionally, a number of the group have undergone training to become River Guardians as part of an initiative lead by Mersey Rivers Trust.

Christine Beyga, Chair of Croxteth Park Volunteer Group – runner-up of the NBN Group Award 2021 – says:

“We believe that it has always been vitally important to record but now even more so now with the issues around climate change and the threats to biodiversity such as the decline in the number of Butterflies and Moths for instance.

We passionately believe that we need to get children more involved as they are the future citizen scientists and it’s only through them that we can create a legacy that will protect the planet for them and for future generations thereafter."

It is really encouraging to see two national awards for biological recording awarded to individuals and groups within North Merseyside! We are proud to have worked with and supported both Amanda and Croxteth Park Volunteer Group with biological recording in the last few years.

We look forward to supporting more people in the region enthusiastic about wildlife recording and sharing the importance of the data you are collecting. 

We hope you have been inspired to get recording and maybe next year you too could be winning national awards!


If you would like to find out how we could help support you or your community group with biological recording then please drop us an email: info@merseysidebiobank.org.uk