Wildlife Recording Groups

The vast majority of the records we hold at Merseyside BioBank have been collected and shared with us by local naturalists, volunteers and members of the public. We work with local natural history experts to verify your information so we can have as much confidence in it as possible. That information is then used to inform everything from local planning decisions and targeting conservation to designing a Liverpool City Region that has the future environment in mind.

We encourage local community groups, such as friends of groups and school groups to take an interest in their local wildlife and consider recording as individuals or, even better, set up a local recording group. Below links to pages for sites that have established wildlife recorders or recording groups. Please be aware that a site being listed here does not infer any right to access, the majority of sites are public or permitted access, at least in part, but this may not always be the case.

The pages provide summary information on the wildlife that is being reported via online recording forms*, you will need to register and log in (for free) before you can see the data as the forms are tailored to user preferences (if you're not a user they wont know what you want!);


Court Hey Park

Knowsley Safari Park 


Childwall Woods

Mersey Estuary and Coastal Reserve

Speke Hall


Freshfield Dune Heath

Lunt Meadows

Rimrose Valley

Seaforth Nature Reserve

St Helens (coming soon!)

Mucky Mountains

Goyt Hey Wood

Colliers Moss

Sherdley Park

Stanley Bank and adjacent sites

*Please note that thes pages do not currently include records sent directly to MBB by email, spreadsheet or those entered into the RODIS system.