How do i go about requesting information on local wildlife?

I would like to know more about wildlife in my local area. What can you tell me and how do i make the request?

Biodiversity information requests are free to non-commercial users (e.g. so long as you are not making a profit on it's use), and so long as it's use is not considered a risk to local biodiversity, as part of our function as public informaiton service for North Merseyside (Sefton, Liverpool, Knowsley and St Helens). Non-commercial users can also access the majority of the information we have collated directly via the National Biodiversity Network Atlas. However, it can currently only be viewed at 2km resolution to protect sensitive species and at the request of some suppliers

If you are in one of these areas then we can carry out a search of all wildlife information that currently exists within the system. It is important to note that if wildlife has not been reported to us or if it has not yet been 'digitised' and entered into the database then information cannot be reported on. Similarly, it will note be available to any of other service users, such as the local planning authorities and conservation organisations.

If you would like to make a request all we need to know is;

  • The area - This can be a distance from a point (e.g. 500m from your address) or a site (such as a park). We have to create a 'boundary' so a map showing the area is very useful.
  • What do you want to know - Perhaps you want to know what species have been reported for a site or simply if Hedgehog is known in the area. Let us know what it is you want to discover.
    • We can supply species information and some detailed habitat information where available and depending on request.
  • Are there any other limitations - Do you want to limit the search, e.g. only wildlife reported in the last 10 years.
  • What form would you like the information in - We are able to provide wildlife information in a variety of different formats including;
    • kml files for Google Earth
    • pdf site reports
    • excel spreadsheets