First "First for Merseyside!" - Toothed Weaver Spider

 Toothed Weaver Spider (Textrix denticulata)  Amanda Barber


In truth I did not recognize the species..or the significance of what I was about to record, as I was rushing out of my Bathroom to take off on a long car journey... what I did realize as I approached this Spider sat on my Wet Room Floor, was it looked different than anything I remembered seeing before, so, even though I was in a hurry, I decided to whip out my mobile phone and take a quick shot of it on the iNat app, I didn't really have time to frame the shot or review it properly, and set off on my journey oblivious that this observation that I nearly didn't bother making would be of some importance!

Later that evening I decided to check on iNat to see what records I'd made had been given an ID by others, and to my surprise, I quickly learned that this observation, for what I now knew was of "Textrix denticulata"  or the "Toothed Weaver Spider"  was something quite significant and a first for Merseyside! Looking at the records maps on both iNat and the NBN Atlas it looked like there where none in Merseyside, and after advice on the "Active Naturalist" page on FB, and a check on the Spiders and Harvestman Recording Scheme Website, I messaged Richard Burkmar (County Recorder) to be absolutely sure that what I suspected was correct...and he did in fact confirm this is a first for Merseyside!

It just goes to show that every record counts!...even when you may think that the one you're making will be just one of many and not very significant..and may be tempted not to just might be pleasantly surprised if you do!.....and you will always be making a great contribution to learning, understanding and Conservation efforts no matter what!


By Amanda Barber