Does Biobank accept records from locations, apart from projects, outside North Merseyside?


As a Local Environmental Records Centre our remit if Sefton, Liverpool, Knowsley and St Helens ('North Merseyside'). That is where our effort is focused and where we have greatest relevance. 

We can accept records from outside that area and we will ultimately pass on records to the relevant LERC. However, it is not recommended. Just like ourselves, other LERCs are well placed within local partnerships and decision making networks. Outside of their area they may not be consulted or considered so your records will not be used. Sharing of records between LERCs tends to be relatively in-frequent so it may be some time before your records are passed on.

However, systems such as RODIS, iRecord and our website (via iRecord) will automatically pass your record on so that it is available to the relevant LERC or in the case of iRecord and our website, anyone that has reason to access it.