Can we choose a database for our records or is there a preferred option?


Merseyside BioBank stores, manages and exports from a piece of database software called Recorder 6. However, we accept records in a wide range of forms and formats. What you use to manage your own records is entirely up to you, personal databases are simply tools to help you manage, keep and send your own records. There are a number os systems available, with new ones being created all of the time.

If you are not worried about maintaining your own database and just want to send in the occasional record then our prefered method is via an online tool such as RODIS, our website or iRecord. RODIS and iRecord also have mobile applications.

We suggest these online methods as they help to ensure that records entered have undergone a certain amount of pre-validation (e.g. making sure the scientific name is acceptable or a grid reference is in the propert format). This saves us a lot of time when we try to import the data into Recorder 6 as the main database will only accept certain formats.

Over time these tools allow you to build up and manage your own database of records, edit them, map and analyse them as well as recieve notification when your records get checked by an expert. Ultimately, assisting your learning.

The prefered method for 'bulk' records is generally a spreadsheet though the online systems can accept record uploads if you would like to keep your data together.