2019 City Nature Challenge: The Results

Cercopis vulnerata (Croxteth Park Volunteer Group)


Despite two days of Storm Hannah, it being our first year and a fairly laid back approach... the results are in..

And you did yourselves and the Liverpool City Region proud! Here are some of the stats from the 4 days;

The LCR 3 key stats are; 

Observations: 12,326 
Species: 1,075 
Observers: 121 

In the UK (total 7) this put us 2nd (Observations), 3rd (Taxon) and 5th (Engagement) – we were actually 2nd on species but the organisers included genus in the final count which put London ahead (boo!). On engagement we were 10 short of Newcastle and Manchester.

In “Europe & Central Asia” (total 26) we were 2nd (Observations), 4th (Taxon) and 8th (Engagement)

In the World (final participant total 159) 24th (obs), 41st (taxon) and 65th (engagement) 

Other interesting stats; 

  • We were 2nd in the world for average verifiable observations per observer (behind Manaus, Brazil)
  • 3rd in the world for both Observations and taxon for our ‘area’ bracket (behind New York and Bristol & Bath)
  • The weekend boosted activity (on iNaturalist) by 57% for observations and 20% for species (12% new observers)
  • 3 Observers from the Liverpool City Region were in the top 10 in the world (out of almost 34,000!!!!) for observations uploaded!

An incredible thank you to all 121 of you that took part during the 4 days, you really did us proud and have given a massive boost to the wider Greenspace Challenge, helping to raise awareness of our local wildlife as well as adding to the vital information required to monitor and protect it into the future!

Don't forget it's not over! Continue exploring and adding your observations. We'll be continuing to use them to promote biodiversity and the value of Parks and Greenspace as well as monitor wildlife and plan for a better future for wildlife.

The latest on the Greenspace Challenge can be found here: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/2019-greenspace-challenge

The League to see how well each local authority is doing can be found here: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/year-of-the-environment-district-activity-league