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Merseyside BioBank is the Local Environmental Records Centre for North Merseyside. Opened in 2007 the initial project focused heavily on establishing community and education outreach. Designing a building and resources that could be used by schools and new recorders through to experienced naturalists. The legacy of this work still exists today through our local network of naturalist groups, expert recorders and material resources.

Dr Phil Smith: Wildlife Notes March 2015

Common Frog at Freshfield Dune Heath (Phil Smith)

A pattern of dry spring months has been evident for over a decade, March having only 65% of normal rainfall in England and Wales. An unexpected deluge came on 12th-13th but a small recovery in the height of the dune water-table in mid-month was subsequently lost. The ponds at Freshfield Dune Heath Nature Reserve remained extremely low but still attracted lots of Common Frogs.

MBB is evolving..

Welcome to the new development website for Merseyside BioBank LRC. This site is not yet live so please don't be surprised when things break!

This development is meant to ensure that MBB has a continued web presence and that our presence is manageable within the resources available to the LRC staff. We also want it to better fit the needs of our North Merseyside naturalists, volunteers and recorders as well as to the staff and organisations that work with and support us.


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