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This site has been set up to help guide you, explain a little about why we're doing this and provide feedback on the latest stats and discoveries.

Sandy Lane, Cronton (Susan Marley)
            Sandy Lane, Cronton
                (Susan Marley)

Observing and reporting wildlife might seem like a very simple thing to do but by doing it you can help to protect wildlife and their habitat. By observing the plants, animals and green-spaces that live throughout the Liverpool City Region you will also learn about them.

On the face of it there may not seem to be much and nothing very exotic but the more you learn and the more you look the more you will see and understand. While we may not have Elephants and Lions we have things that are special and sometimes unique to the British Isles. Every year wildlife observers discover new species in the UK and even in our area! As our climate continues to change wildlife will move and change with it.

This is a challenge, a bit of fun and a year long vs's bit it is also an opportunity for you to discover and learn about the incredible things and understand the amazing value of the natural habitats of the Region. While doing so the information you collect will help us to monitor what changes are happening to the wildlife of our region and how important our green-spaces are.