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Links to other resources

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Conserving the Brown Hare An information-packed site from The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust.

Hare Preservation Trust The society aims to act as a focal point for the gathering of all types of information about hares and to convey that information to members through a quarterly newsletter, plus updates posted on their website.

The Mammal Society The Mammal Society works to protect British mammals, halt the decline of threatened species, and advise on all issues affecting British Mammals. We study mammals, identify the problems they face and promote conservation and other policies based on sound science.

The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester & North Mereseyside

Lancashire Environmental Records Network

Greater Manchester Local Records Centre

Merseyside BioBank The Local Environmental Records Centre for Merseyside.

The Greater Manchesther Biodiversity Project

The Merseyside Biodiversity Group

Lancashire & Cheshire Fauna Society for green jobs.