At Merseyside BioBank we are committed to providing services to North Merseyside recorders that facilitate the collection, validation and submission of biological records. To that end we are exploring Google Earth as a tool for biological recorders to view their records spatially. Google Earth is putting many of the advantages of Geographic Information Systems into the hands of ordinary people - at no cost - and it is revolutionising the way we deal with spatial data, including biological records.

All you need in order to use Google Earth is a reasonable PC with a broadband connection. You can download and install the software for free here:

Download Google Earth


Download Google Earth



To unlock some of the power of Google Earth for biological recorders in Merseyside. The utility is a suite of tools called the 'Merseyside BioBank Google Earth Productivity Tools'. This is a program which you can use in conjunction with Google Earth and enables you to use Google Earth to do a number of things that it cannot do on its own - for example make a Google Earth map from a spreadsheet of biological records. You can download the Merseyside BioBank Google Earth Productivity Tools here:

Google Earth Utilities. Download Merseyside BioBank Google Earth productivity tools

(The installation seems to work best if you use Internet Explorer as your browser to download it.) 

Instructions for using the productivity tools are available from the Help menu of the tool once downloaded and installed.